1.01 Event Categories (MIXED DOUBLES)

(a) Events of the ISS MD World Curling Tour are divided into 6 categories.
Champions Series, 1000 Series, 750 Series, 500 Series, 300 Series, 100 Series

(b) The category of each event will be determined by the WCT Executive upon receipt of the application.

(c) The awarded category is primarily chosen on the cash prize money offered by the event. Additionally, the expected tv coverage and the historical background of an event can also have an impact for the selection of the category.


Category minimal Purse
Champions Series Events -
1000 CHF 20.000,00
750 CHF 14.000,00
500 CHF 7.500,00
300 CHF 3.500,00
100 CHF 1.000,00

The following conversion rates will be used for events of the season 2020/21:
1 CHF (Swiss Franc) is
CAD 1.40 
USD 1.05
EUR 0.95
YEN 110
GBP 0.85


2.01 Teams Rules

WCF rules apply for all Mixed Doubles WCT competitions with the following exceptions.

  1. Each team participating in the WCT event must be registered and declare their team before its first match of the Season. WCT provides an online form for this purpose. The team that’s registered will be carried throughout the entire season 

  2. Teams consists of 2 players which have been registered according to para 1.  

  3. In order to collect full points, the 2 players registered in para 1 must play. When a different player spares in, only 1/3 of the total points will be received by “each” player. 

  4. Teams can change players at any time and re-register a new team.

2.02 Event Rules

WCF Rules apply except in the following instances

  1. Events must have a minimum of 8 teams  

  2. Events will select applying teams off the “WCT” Team ranking only and in order from highest to lowest. A select few local wild card teams will be accepted 

  3. Double, Triple Knockout or Round Robin in Group format are acceptable 

  4. Events should end in playoffs, number of teams in playoffs is determined by total numbers playing. See chart 

  5. In group play a complete ranking after round robin 

  6. Knock out system Higher road qualifier always hammer 

  7. In group always higher ranked team has hammer in playoffs 

  8. Hammer can not be determined by a toss  

  9. Tie games will have at least one extra end


3.01 Definitions

(a) The WCT Ranking is a mathematical method to rate the men, women and mixed doubles teams according to their performance in WCT Events.

(b) The here defined calculation of the WCT Ranking will take effect on June 1st, 2020.

(c) The WCT Ranking includes all results of WCT approved and registered events.

(d) Every team that has scored points in a WCT event will be listed on the WCT Ranking.

(e) The WCT Ranking represents all results of the WCT events played in the last 52 weeks. Results of an event drop out of the WCT Ranking exactly 52 weeks (364 days) after the last day of the event.

(f) All points obtained by teams will be counted. There are no limits to the number of events.

(g) If the team composition changes, the points are re-calculated according to section 2.01 Teams Rules.

3.02 Points Allocation Table

(a) Points shall be allocated based on the event category.

(b) In a 8-team event only the top 4 can receive points (W, F, SF2)
In a 9 – 14-team event only the top 6 can receive points (W, F, SF2, QF2)
In a 15+ team event the top 8 receive points (W, F, SF2, QF4)

  Winner Finalist Semi-Finalists Quarter-Finalists
Champions Series  1200 840 600 432
1000  1000 700 500 360
750  750 525 375 270
500  500 350 250 180
300  300 210 150 108
100  100 70 50 36
  100% 70% 50% 36%

* If a 3rd place game is played (winner will achieve 56% vs 4th place at 50%) of champions points.

3.03 Transitional Regulations

(a) The new WCT Ranking will become the official merit-based ranking system for the World Curling Tour on June 1st, 2020.

(b) For the transition, all events of the 2019/2020 season will be retroactively classified in the new categories system.

(c) The results of the last season will be adopted and the points will be credited to the teams according to the new WCT Ranking definitions stated above.

(d) As of June 1st, 2020, the WCT Ranking will thus represent the performance of the teams over the past 52 weeks. All events which are not part of the WCT (national championships, world championships, European championships, etc.) will no longer be included.

Disclaimer: The regulations are currently not fully implemented due to the pandemic and the challenges associated with it.