The checklist is a guide for curling event organizers who want to hold a WCT event. Basically every tournament can become a WCT tournament if it fulfills the requirements according to the WCT regulations.

Event Registration

  1. Log in to the WCT Admin Console with your WCT-ID ( Register a new WCT-ID if you haven't one yet (Guide).
  2. Register your Event with the online form in the WCT Admin Console (click on Create an Event on the Dashboard).
  3. After your registration you will receive the WCT Contract from our office within 10 days.
  4. As soon as you have signed the contract and returned it to our office, your tournament will be activated and will appear in the official calendar.

Teams Management

  1. Activate the online registration of your event in the WCT Admin Console (Sport Info tab).
  2. Keep an eye on the team registrations and accept the team applications in time (Guide).
  3. Make sure that all participants of your event are included in your events team list.
  4. Every team that wants to participate in a WCT event has to register on its own beforehand.

Event Scoring

  1. Send the definitive game schedule (draws and playoff brackets) to the helpdesk at least 2 weeks before the event. WCT will set up the live scoring for you.
  2. During the event you are responsible to record results in real time in the scoring system of WCT.
  3. After the tournament, enter the ranks and prize money to the team list in the WCT Admin Console (Guide).

If you have any questions, please contact our helpdesk ( We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.