World Curling Tour looks forward to the 2020/21 season and undertakes some major changes

May 20, 2020 12:00 / World Curling Tour

World Curling Tour looks forward to the 2020/21 season and undertakes some major changes

The next season may be a little more complicated then past seasons, but we certainly are hopeful, that as many of our events as possible can be run. WCT is currently in the process of uploading its new website and we will support, as best we can, with providing constant information updates on all our events.

We are very excited to introduce a number of new changes for the beginning of this season, that will address issues which have plagued the Tour for the last number of years. As the Tour has rapidly expanded and become much more International, it struggles with old outdated elements. Now is a good opportunity to make some long overdue changes. We have listened and compiled a lot of feedback from our events and our teams over the last few seasons and we hope to improve many of the issues, in a step by step process.

One main item that has been a point of contention is the Points and Ranking system. It has often been criticized for its errors, inaccuracy and being far too complicated to be followed by players, events, media and fans alike.

WCT will now have a more simplified fixed points system, similar to that of the ATP. We ran comparisons to the old ranking and found that the new system is comparable in its results. The new ranking will certainly be much simpler to follow and predict, more transparent and should be far more accurate. Events will be categorized and assigned points based on the amount of the total prize money.

  Winner Finalist Semi-Finalists Quarter-Finalists
Champions Series  1200 840 600 432
1000  1000 700 500 360
750  750 525 375 270
500  500 350 250 180
400  400 280 200 144
300  300 210 150 108
200  200 140 100 72
100  100 70 50 36
  100% 70% 50% 36%

* If a 3rd place game is played (winner will achieve 56% vs 4th place at 50%) of champions points.

Check the Ranking Regulations for more information

With the Tour becoming very international over the years, much more focus needs to be directed on to its own events. Therefore, from now on, only World Curling Tour registered events will be reflected in the ranking. Only events that are open to all Tour teams and which fulfill Tour event criteria will qualify for WCT World Ranks. Regional, National and International Championships/Competitions will no longer be ranked. Since all counties have their own and very different Team/player qualification systems. We recommend that Nations create their own, internal ranking system for those qualification purposes if they wish to include such events. The WCT would be happy to assist those countries that wish to create an internal ranking system which ties in with the WCT World Ranking.

Over the next few weeks, the WCT will begin uploading its new website online, under a new address at Currently the schedules are going up and we ask all events to double check their info, please provide any updated feedback to In about 3 weeks all events organizers will receive access information to their own event page. With this page event organizers can directly manage their own information and access the online scoring system. An online event registration form will also be available to easy the registration and communications processes for the majority of the tournaments.

The helpdesk will be also be available to enable us a far quicker response time.

In other announcements, WCT ends its long-standing cooperation with Curlingzone and Gerry Geurts, effective immediately. They will no longer represent the WCT in any capacity and we wish CZ and Gerry all the best for the future.

Please check for continued updates, feel free to use the for any questions and/or registration of events.

Please also be patient, as this uploading process of the complete website may take some time and will happen in stages over the next few weeks.